It’s Only the Beginning


I’ve known for quite some time that I wanted to study journalism in college. I think this desire stems from my lifelong love for writing, which has been a passion and hobby of mine since as early as first grade. I have an entire box in my room filled to the brim with my journals and diaries from elementary school, and, as I grew older, turned into essays and half-finished short stories that took over my family’s computer.

Working on my high school’s newspaper, The Explorer, allowed my love for writing blossom into something else: journalism. I learned how to write for newspapers and the media, and read The Plain Dealer and The Hudson Hub on a daily basis. I caught the journo bug early, and it grew and grew into a real possibility of a future career.

However, as I dove deeper into the journalism industry, I realized that I might not want to be a reporter or a broadcast journalist necessarily; I wasn’t sure if that career path was for me. I began feeling a little lost, and was looking into other options that involved writing and the media, trying to find a place for me within these industries.

During this research, I came across Ohio University’s strategic communications major, along with PR-focused extracurricular activities, such as PRSSA. I became intrigued, and though I have not changed my track from news and information to strat comm, I am planning on doing so sometime during this semester, in addition to declaring my minor in business administration. Finally, I feel like I am slowly discovering my path to where I need, and want, to be.

So now I am ready for whatever the future has in store for me, and I know that Ohio University is where I belong. And I will document every step of the way on this brand-new blog! Enjoy!



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